Jambo - The best anchor we ever used

During our first tour with Entropy it became obvious that its original 18 kg Delta anchor was, let's say, sufficient for cruising. It was clearly not safe enough for a one year offshore cruise.


Once we returned, we starting researching options for a heavier and possibly different anchors. We also wanted a second anchor as backup and for dire situations where two anchors are required.


After reading countless of posts and articles about anchors, checking on reviews and watching videos on Youtube (seriously, google "XXX anchor setting"...) we found the Jambo anchor.

It is produced by Austrian engineer Michael Waltl who originally designed it for his own boat and started manufacturing and selling these anchors after being nagged by his sailing buddies and people who found out about this great design.


After some nice discussion with him we bought a 30 kg Jambo Anchor. Via mail order.

The poor DPD delivery man had to lug it to our house - it was clearly visible that it was an anchor. I wonder what the guy was thinking of us...


Long story short: this is simply the best anchor we ever used, period. It is absolutely amazing how the Jambo sets on the first try. Not once did we have to repeat the anchor maneuver during our next vacation, it was simply rock solid.


Highly recommended gear. And we even got a decent secondary anchor now (our old Delta...)


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